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SV1UY pirating 2014-02-15
Demetre Valaris SV1UY has been pirating other HAMs calls frequently on NET14. He has also disrupted connected mode packet radio on NET14, and pirates calls on APRS-IS packet-radio APRS servers.
Pirate Demetre Valaris SV1UY from Athens, Greece, has a dynamic IP adress, but on 2014-02-15 Demetre send a mail to another HAM revealing his current IP adress in the mail header:
Demetre SV1UY Pirate Mailheader
Moreover: IP adress resolves to an ISP in Athens, Greece.
On the same day, at almost the same time as the mail was sent (9 minutes later!!) IP adres was connected to T2VAN (Vancouver APRS Server) using PD4U-12 callsign/SSID while at the same time PD4U-12 was connected to T2HAM (Amsterdam APRS Server) on the APRS-IS network.
The raw packets shown between 15:47 CET and 15:53 CET on show this (See below). Also note the unproto adress APWW10 specific to APRSIS32, the software SV1UY uses. While PD4U always uses a personal unproto: APERS
Demetre SV1UY Pirate APRS
The hand of the witer is easy to recognize if you are familiar with Demetre's SV1UY "proze" in their APRS Messages on NET14. See this text file for their daily APRS messages in the first week of February. This kind of "zoological" QSO's between the two highly respected zoologists -both specialized in primates- were held since September 2013 on an almost daily basis.
The screenshot below shows Demetre Valaris' IP adress connected to T2VAN APRS-IS server while he uses PD4U-12 callsign/SSID. Despite clear evidence Demetre Valaris SV1UY chooses to lie and claim that his PC has been hacked by PD4U. And that PD4U is pirating his call now. He has showed nothing that supports his claims. And continued unsubstantiated claims constitute a criminal case of "slander" in time. Of course his claims are ridiculous and false, as we know Demetre's underhand behaviour by now. Demetre Valaris hypocrite acts of piracy are a disgrace for his country Greece, the ATHNet Athens packet radio group, and for HAM radio in general.
Demetre SV1UY Pirate APRS-IS
Steinar Aanesland LA5VNA a renowned member of the NET14 Zoological Society, seemed to suggest on the yahoo group "Digitalmodes" that all the above was constructed, and created using a proxy or an IP service like he suggested: But Steinar's invaluable support, after this period of criticism at first, showed that my claims about Demetre Valaris' pirating on NET14 cannot be falsified. Thanks to Steinars knowledgable effort to faslify the claims I held against Demetre, we can now safely conclude my claims against Demetre Valaris SV1UY cannot be falsified [by Steinar Aanesland]. Thank you for your efforts LA5VNA Steinar Aanesland!
Demetre Valaris, SV1UY feeding his own obssesion with the Ape further and further, still continues his ride with Don Quixote G0JXN on 10m now!
Some people fail to learn from their own mistakes... They both learned to use NOGATE in their digipath however! So something has been gained: they both took the advice of "the ape" after all! :))
1:Fm SV1UY-15 To APWW10 Via WIDE1-1,NOGATE [16:33:54R]
:G0JXN-2 :ack62
1:Fm SV1UY-15 To APWW10 Via WIDE1-1,NOGATE [16:34:24R]
:G0JXN-2 :Beware of the ape! he he he!{GD}
1:Fm SV1UY-15 To APWW10 Via PD4U-12*,WIDE1*,NOGATE [16:34:25T]
:G0JXN-2 :Beware of the ape! he he he!{GD}
1:Fm SV1UY-15 To APWW10 Via WIDE1-1,NOGATE [16:34:32R]
:G0JXN-2 :Beware of the ape! he he he!{GD}

For those interested in "further reading" about Demetre Valaris' false claims and ad hominem arguments, see this page for Demetre's false claim that PD4U is a racist:  
[SV1UY | Racism | ZOO]

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