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My station consists out of three HF radios: the Yaesu FT-897D, the Yaesu FT-767GX, and the Kenwood TS-440SAT. I mainly use the Yaesu's, the FT-767GX is mainly for RX (on my dipole for 20m) and the FT-897D mainly for TX. But I switch every now and then based on conditions. But I TX on the FT-897D most of the times since that is mostly on a low angle DX antenna (the deltaloop). For mobile use I have the Yaesu FT-7800E and the Icom IC-E90 that I also use for APRS. And I have a Midland 87+ CB radio that is mainly on a cubical quad for 11m/10m. I am monitoring the CB band quite often, since that is also a good monitor for 10m. But the Citizens Band is much more crowded than the 10m band in EU, so it gives an almost immediate indication of good propagation conditions when these arise.

Antenna park ;-)

My antennas are mainly homebrew. I built a vertically polarized deltaloop for the 20m band based on L.B.Cebik's (W4RNL) publications on SCV's [See: AntennaX]. It is fed by a Diamond BU-50 1:1 balun and RG213 coax, since it is nearly 50 Ohm. Because the deltaloop is NOT an equilateral triangle. The angle in the apex is somewhat more than 90 degrees, so the base is longer than the sides. This brings the antenna to around 50 Ohm and increases the gain in respect to an equilateral deltaloop. Below the deltaloop hangs a dipole for 20m that is also fed by a Diamond BU-50 1:1 balun and RG58 coax.

The latest project was a 1/4 wave groundplane vertical for the 40m band. I built this from a CB antenna: the Avanti Sigma IV. I extended the radiator to 10.60m and made four radials from insulated copperwire (2,5mm˛) of 10.90m long. It works great over the whole 40m band, and is even a good RX antenna on 20m. See: PE1RQM's Forum (Dutch) for more pics of this vertical.

The other antennas I use are all from antenna manufacturers. The Avanti PDL-II for 11m/10m that is as well horizontally as vertically fed (with RG213 coax) and is, as Avanti calls it, a "co-inductive antenna": the loop is driven by a horizontal and a vertical dipole that are both connected to an orbital (actually two) loop(s) on witch the gamma-matches are attached that feed the antenna.
For VHF and UHF I have two (vertically polarized) beams. The ten elements Diamond A144S10R for 2m (not on the picture above), and the nineteen elements Tonna F9FT for 70cm.

For field days I often use a windom antenna for HF, and a four element cubical quad for VHF. See my Field Days page or Movies page for more info on these antennas.

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